Property Rights Index


ARMENIA’s IPRI score decreased by -0.08 to 4.13 placing it 18th in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region and 107th in the world. ARMENIA is classified by the IMF as part of the Commonwealth of Independent States group and by the World Bank as a lower-middle income country.

ARMENIA’s Legal and Political Subindex increased by 0.06 to 4.14 with scores of 3.6 in Judicial Independence, 4.31 in Rule of Law, 4.56 in Political Stability, and 4.1 for Control of Corruption.

ARMENIA’s Physical Property Rights Subindex decreased by -0.56 to 5.17 with scores of 5.48 in Property Rights, data unavailable for in Registering Property, and 4.86 for Ease of Access to Loans.

ARMENIA’s Intellectual Property Rights Subindex increased by 0.26 to 3.06 with scores of 4.72 in Intellectual Property Protection, data unavailable for in Patent Protection, and 1.4 in Copyright Protections. 

ARMENIA - IPRI Overall Score

ARMENIA - IPRI Overall Score

ARMENIA - Legal and Political Environmental

ARMENIA - Physical Property Rights

ARMENIA -Intellectual Property Rights