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Premise of the Hernando De Soto Fellowship Program

The International Property Rights Index (IPRI) is a product of the efforts of the Washington, DC-based Property Rights Alliance (PRA). The PRA is dedicated to the protection of property rights (physical and intellectual) in the U.S. and around the world. The PRA is an affiliate of the taxpayer advocacy organization Americans for Tax Reform (ATR).

Despite the growing accessibility of international data and research regarding property rights, existing indices and studies traditionally focus on either the physical or intellectual aspects of property rights. Additionally, most global indices are dedicated to broader topic areas instead of a focused debate on property rights. However, noted exceptions include the Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal Index of Economic Freedom and the Fraser Institute Economic Freedom of the World, which do address property rights, albeit in the context of assembling a larger snapshot of each country. To deal with the lack of a more broadly defined property rights assessment, the PRA created the Hernando de Soto Fellowship in 2006. The fellowship provides a chance to develop and analyze global data in property rights and conceptually discuss them within the annual publication International Property Rights Index, presented here in its eighth edition.

About Dr. Sary Levy-Carciente

PhD in Development Studies, (CENDES-UCV, 2003). Master in International Economics (UCV, 1995). Specialist in Administrative Sciences, Computing Mention (UCV, 1987). Economist (UCV, 1984).

Member of the National Academy of Economics Sciences (2015 - ). Dean of the Economics and Social Sciences Faculty, UCV (2008-2011). Research Coordinator of the Social and Economic Science Faculty (2004-2008). Director of the Institute of Economic and Social Research, IIES-FaCES-UCV (2004-2008). Resource Promotion Vice-President of Fondo de Jubilaciones y Pensiones del Personal Docente y de Investigación de la UCV Foundation (2007-2008). Chief of the Research Unit in International Affairs at the IIES-FACES-UCV.

Full Professor at the Economics and Social Sciences Faculty, UCV. Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Center of Polymer Studies, Physics Departmente, Boston University, MA (2013-2014) Visiting Scholar at the Economic Department, University of Massachussets, Amherst, MA (2000-2001). Board Member of: International Institute of Advanced Economic and Social Studies, Italy (2007-). Centro de Divulgación de Conocimiento Científico, CEDICE (2007-). Journal Revista Venezolana de Análisis de Coyuntura (FaCES-UCV). Journal Perfil de Coyuntura Económica (Univ. Antioquia, Colombia). Journal La Finanza (Italy). Economic and Financial Advisor of public and private corporations.

Among publications: A Century of Panic (Random House Mondadori, Grijalbo), Financial Innovations, Endogenous Money and Crises: A Schumpeter’s Insight (IIAESS, Viterbo-Italy),Inestabilidad Financiera: Estudio sobre la Irregularidad y la Dinámica, (FaCES-UCV),  Los Fondos Mutuales y los Sistemas Financieros, (FaCES-UCV y Tropykos),compiler of Dimensión Económica de la Globalización, (CEAP-FACES-UCV), Apuntes de Teoría Monetaria e Instituciones Financieras, (FaCES-UCV); and co-author of Miradas y Paradojas de la Globalización, (BCV); and several papers for specialized journals. Invited and paper presenter in national and international forum and meetings.