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Case Studies

The following case studies were published this year as part of the IPRI. 

Farmland Trade Ban in Ukraine: How to Stop the Biggest Property Rights Violation in Europe by Dr. Maryan Zablotskyy, Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation (Ukraine). [PDF]

Contemporary Land Issues in the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal by Sneha Pradhan, Samriddhi Foundation (Nepal). [PDF]

Digital Piracy in Malaysia by Muhammad Adli Amirullah, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Malaysia). [PDF]

Property Rights Reform: The Secret to Japan's Exceptional Post World War II Recovery by Yuya Watase, Pacific Alliance Institute (Japan). [PDF]

Persuing Property Titles for Low Income Households in South Africa by Jessica Canada Wellman & Jasson Urbach, Free Market Foundation (South Africa) [PDF]

A Special Case Study from an Economic School on Property Rights: Intellectual Property Rights from the Austrian School of Economics by Dr. Barabara Kolm, Austrian Economics Center (Austria) [PDF]