Property Rights Index



Region:  Asia and Oceania

Global Rank: 7 of 125

Regional Rank: 3 of 19


Australia’s IPRI score increased by 0.085 to 8.329 placing it 3rd in the Asia and Oceania region and 7th in the world. Australia is classified by the IMF as part of the Advanced economies group and by the World Bank as High income country.


Australia’s Legal and Political Subindex decreased by -0.04 to 8.227 with scores of 8.766 in Judicial Independence, 8.504 in Rule of Law, 7.098 in Political Stability, and 8.541 in Control of Corruption.


Australia’s Physical Property Rights Subindex decreased by -0.06 to 8.171 with scores of 7.998 in perception of Property Rights Protection, 9.833 in Registering Property, and 6.682 in Ease of Access to Loans.


Australia’s Intellectual Property Rights Subindex increased by 0.368 to 8.589 with scores of 8.018 in perception of Intellectual Property Protection, 9.75 in Patent Protection, and 8 in Copyright Protection.


Australia is a member of the following regional integration agreements

  • OECD
  • Comprehensive and Progresive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership

Australia - IPRI Overall Score

Australia - IPRI Overall Score

Australia - Legal and Political Environmental

Australia - Physical Property Rights

Australia -Intellectual Property Rights