Property Rights Index


Region:  Middle East and North Africa

Global Rank: 45 of 125

Regional Rank: 7 of 15


Bahrain’s IPRI score increased by 0.017 to 6.174 placing it 7th in the Middle East and North Africa region and 45th in the world. Bahrain is classified by the IMF as part of the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan group and by the World Bank as High income country.


Bahrain’s Legal and Political Component increased by 0.038 to 5.318 with scores of 6.822 in Judicial Independence, 5.917 in Rule of Law, 3.649 in Political Stability, and 4.883 in Control of Corruption.


Bahrain’s Physical Property Rights Component increased by 0.014 to 7.541 with scores of 7.435 in perception of Property Rights Protection, 9.026 in Registering Property, and 6.161 in Ease of Access to Loans.


Bahrain’s Intellectual Property Rights Component remained the same at 5.663 with scores of 6.727 in perception of Intellectual Property Protection, data wasn't available to measure Patent Protection, and 4.6 in Copyright Protection.


Bahrain is a member of the following regional integration agreements

  • Gulf Cooperation Council

Bahrain - IPRI Overall Score

Bahrain - IPRI Overall Score

Bahrain - Legal and Political Environmental

Bahrain - Physical Property Rights

Bahrain -Intellectual Property Rights