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Côte D'ivoire

Côte D'ivoire

Region:  Africa

Global Rank: N/A

Regional Rank: N/A


While Côte D'ivoire was featured in the 2017 IPRI Index, there was insufficient data to update the country’s ranking for the 2018 IPRI Index.

CôTE D'IVOIRE’s IPRI score decreased by -0.15 to 4.59 placing it 17th in the Africa region and 95th in the world. CôTE D'IVOIRE is classified by the IMF as part of the Sub-Saharan Africa group and by the World Bank as a lower-middle income country.

CôTE D'IVOIRE’s Legal and Political Subindex decreased by -0.07 to 3.92 with scores of 4.29 in Judicial Independence, 3.76 in Rule of Law, 3.45 in Political Stability, and 4.16 for Control of Corruption.

CôTE D'IVOIRE’s Physical Property Rights Subindex decreased by -0.26 to 5.72 with scores of 5.4 in Property Rights, 8.96 in Registering Property, and 2.81 for Ease of Access to Loans.

CôTE D'IVOIRE’s Intellectual Property Rights Subindex decreased by -0.1 to 4.12 with scores of 4.58 in Intellectual Property Protection, 5.78 in Patent Protection, and 2 in Copyright Protections. 

Côte D'ivoire - IPRI Overall Score

Côte D'ivoire - IPRI Overall Score

Côte D'ivoire - Legal and Political Environmental

Côte D'ivoire - Physical Property Rights

Côte D'ivoire -Intellectual Property Rights